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J.B.Skin is a brand that will soon be a household name. This line is more than a skincare line it is near and dear to my heart.  J.B.Skin is named after my late brother Jerome Banks!! He always believed I could do anything and his belief in me helped me is what birthed the line you see before your eyes today! My brothers faith in me and his legacy lives through this brand. When you see the line and logo understand how deeply it is connected to me. So I would like to introduce you to the first product in the J.B Skin line called the Skin Pen!! The Skin Pen has been in testing and production for the last year and the results and reviews have been phenomenal!!! 


Say bye bye to breakouts with your pen!


Acne Breakouts✅

Environmental Breakouts✅

Hormonal Breakouts ✅

Stress Breakouts 


When you feel any breakout coming apply your JB Skin Pen wait 24 to 48 hours and watch them disappear.


Price: Retail $149.99 

Promo Price $99.00 

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