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Queen V-Steam

Cleanse, relieve, and rebalance your system with one of

our signature vaginal steams. Benefits include: 


Increase vaginal fluids to eliminate vaginal dryness

Tone and tighten

• Helps with menstrual regulation 

• Assist with hormonal imbalances

• Detoxify the Vagina 

• Decrease menopause symptoms

• Promote Fertility 

• Postpartum recovery 

• Relief from painful periods 

• Stimulates sexual energy

• Aids symptoms from ovarian cyst, endometriosis,

and fibroid tumors



Steam, Sip, and Sing Party at the Ready, Set, Relax Beauty Studio. Our V-Steam parties are held Friday-Sunday and include the following:

• Private rental of the spa
• Event decor including tables, chairs,and chair covers 
• Complimentary bottle of wine for the host 
• Free Covid testing for all guests
• Karaoke Station 
• Vip Booking Experience
• Accommodations for 5-15 Guests 

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